The Sniper

The Werewolf

The Wolfmorder

Mechlectricians Hand

The Baptiser

The Flame Thrower

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The Death Dealer

Night Vision

The Electro Prod

Jason Baird and Sean Genders are working on a Creature Feature project for release as a long form Series.

In the Valley of the the story of a young Half Witch on a journey she does not wish to take on, but knows she must endure. The outcome if she fails could change the course of the human race for eternity. She is forced to team with a gang of Mercenary Monster Hunters while in a fight to the death with a feared werewolf. This uneasy alliance leads them into the Valley of the Ghouls a foreboding place where nightmarish creatures thrive. Vampires, Witches, Werewolves, the most loathsome humans and the reviled Ghouls. It's a quest they don't expect to survive... if they fail all humanity is lost. 

We are currently in production on the second teaser instalment, where our Hunters are hunting a Werewolf that is terrorising a village. In this short we are introduced to more characters and the expansive realm of the "Valley" where all the banished creatures dwell, exiled from the human race. Vampire, Witches, Demons, Werewolves and the evil Ghouls, creatures that were human, but now a shadowy sub species to the human race. Our story picks up  years after the war with the Ghouls ended. Having lost the war the Ghouls now forced to live in subservience to humans, a creature barely tolerated by man. Both are forced into an uneasy coexistence. A coexistence that will not last...

The Medical

Special Makeup Effects - Prosthetic FX - Creatures and Monsters -  Specialty Costumes -  Models and Props...